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The Gold Coast’s First Ever High School Triathlon Program​

Robina State High School Sports Academy in association with Triathlon Queensland is proud to present the Gold Coast's first ever High School Triathlon Program, giving sportspeople the opportunity to develop into elite athletes through our high-performance training program.

Under the guidance of Triathlon Australia, Accredited coaches and former professional triathletes, Robina State High School students in the Triathlon Academy are able to advance their levels of conditioning to perform at the highest level both in their racing and in the classroom.

Who can be a Triathlete?​

Did you know that a majority of medallists at the Triathlon World Championships and Olympic Games originally came from a different sport before choosing triathlon? Often the very best athletes in the world had never considered triathlon until they were in their teenage years. We understand that each athlete brings a range of training experiences which can be supported in the Triathlon Academy. This Signature Program is for students who may already be training in a squad and also caters for enthusiastic beginners as well. Whatever the situation, students are encouraged to apply.

Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It is 3 times the fun of any other sport, combining swimming, cycling and running into one event!

Lesson Design

Each week students will carry out up to 5 hours of training and are encouraged to pursue triathlon to a higher level. 

The Triathlon Academy sessions include both swimming in the pool and open water, skill development focusing on aerobic capacity, kicking, breathing, stroke correction and timing. Swimming race skills and technique will be shaped throughout the program to ensure students can perform at the highest level. 

Bike sessions are held off road, including at Nerang Velodrome, and focus on bike competence, skills, time trials and transition work. 

Through running sessions in the Triathlon Academy, students are taught pacing skills and drills, as well as change of pace development. Students also develop strength and technique awareness as well as further crafting their running as soon as they dismount the bike.

During theory lessons, students are taught and encouraged to develop SMART goals that they can work towards though the course of the program. These are broken down into each part of triathlon and focus on improved swimming and running times each term and developing new and advanced skills on the bike. Every student-athlete's ultimate goal is to meet the challenge of competing in a variety of Triathlon events across Queensland and around Australia.

Students in the Triathlon Academy are also expected to take advantage of our whole school sporting events including swimming, cross country and athletics carnival to further develop, and put into practice the skills that they learn through the program. 

Endorsed by Triathlon Queensland

Robina State High School works very closely with Triathlon Queensland to produce the best Triathlon Academy in the state. By being fully endorsed by the governing body, we are able to provide students with the very best when it comes to coaching and training for all of our athletes. 


At Robina State High School, we are fortunate to be located in the centre of the Gold Coast. As a result, our triathlon team have access to:

  • Bond University High Performance Institute and Indoor Pool
  • Nerang Velodrome
  • Gold Coast Hinterland tracks
  • 400m Athletics Track
  • 2km School Running Loop
  • Controlled fresh, open water training areas
  • Robina State High School’s state of the art Sports Academy gymnasium


The school will grant some scholarships for Year 6​ students upon entry into the Sports Academy Programs. Scholarships are by written application and winners will be presented with their scholarship at their own school graduation. The scholarship is for the year of entry only and may be a part or full scholarship to contribute to the Student Resource Scheme. 

Triathlon Academy Brochure

For more information contact:

Daniel Norton-Smith
Sports Academy Director  
Edward Anderson 
Triathlon Academy Director   

Last reviewed 20 February 2023
Last updated 20 February 2023