General Sports Academy



​​​​​​​​​General Sports Academy: A School Based Institute of Sport ​

Our General Sports Academy was introduced to give all student-athletes the opportunity to achieve success and be supported in their chosen sport during their time at Robina State High School. We cater for all students looking to get the extra edge needed to be ahead of the game, no matter what sport you do.

The positive experiences that students gain in the General Sports Academy with other sports-minded adolescents directly feeds into their other classes. Students are more driven across all aspects of their curriculum when provided with a specific focus of devotion. Each student has the opportunity to achieve across all aspects of their high school education.


Robina Sports Academy was created to deliver our student-athletes the opportunity to achieve at the highest level in their chosen sporting domain while maintaining a high quality education. Through the guidance of our experienced staff, expert coaching panel and outstanding training facilities, students are afforded the occasion to succeed in all facets of their schooling.

Our vision is to cultivate an innovative sporting institution where high performance and success are demonstrated across all aspects of each student-athlete's growth at Robina State High School. In order to achieve this we follow our six key principles:

  • Long-Term Physical Development
  • Individualised Tracking
  • Structured Pathways
  • Athlete Wellbeing
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Supportive Sportspeople

Lesson Design

The General Sports Academy is similar to an Institute of Sport where students train at school and use their enhanced sporting abilities at club and representative level. Students participate in three sessions specific to their activity each week with other like-minded students. Often we have several of our Sports Programs running at the same time which creates a positive culture for all students involved in the Robina Sports Academy. Students participate in a long-term developmental program that focuses on:
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Alignment
  • Endurance
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Speed and Strength

Students also do a range of theory-based classroom sessions to enhance their understanding of technique and sporting principles, as well as looking at overall sporting practices including:

  • Goal Setting
  • Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  •  Body Insurance
  •  Fitness Components
  •  Training Principles
  •  Biomechanics

High Performance Training at the High Performance Facility

At Robina SHS we have access to one of the best high-performance training facilities in Australia. Within walking distance of our school we have unprecedented access to Bond University's High-Performance Institute. The venue includes a fully equipped gym, 25m indoor pool, ice baths, hot baths, steam room, sauna, high altitude training room and conference room. The facility is as good as any of its kind and attracts national and international sporting teams annually for their pre-season camps. It is common to see NRL, AFL and A-League teams training at the institute.

Application Process

In order for a student to be accepted into the Robina Sports Academy, they must complete a range of fitness tests on our trial days, provide their two most recent report cards and complete the Expression of Interest form online. Places in the Sports Academy are limited and students must meet our set standards in order to successfully be accepted.


The school will grant some scholarships for Year Six students upon entry into the Sports Academy Programs. Scholarships are by written application and winners will be presented with their scholarship at their own school graduation. The scholarship is for the year of entry only and may be a part or full scholarship to contribute to the Student Resource Scheme.

General Sports Academy Brochure

For more information contact:

Daniel Norton-Smith
Robina Sports Academy Director

Tim Davison
Robina Sports Academy Teacher

Aimee Hume
Robina Sports Academy Teacher

Last reviewed 20 February 2023
Last updated 20 February 2023