Community Action Service (CAS) Program

​​The CAS Program is offered to students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and aims to enhance outcomes in academics, leadership, character building, community mindedness, and lifestyle choices. The program is designed for active, highly motivated young people and incorporates physical activity and community service as catalysts for teaching and learning. Graduates of this program will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be our future leaders. 

How it Works

CAS participants will undertake a range of activities alongside their academic studies, enabling them to enhance their personal and interpersonal development via experiential learning. The opportunities this program provides for self-determination, collaboration with others and being proactive in the community fosters a sense of accomplishment amongst participants and provides a platform for future personal growth.


  • enhance personal development across a variety of disciplines through experiential learning
  • improve the collaboration skills students will use across aspects of their schooling, encouraging teamwork and creating a sense of belonging
  • foster a deep sense of accomplishment
  • enhance resilience and self determination
  • develop altruistic attitudes encouraging students to give back to their community and support others


Students will be challenged in experiences such as dragon boating, beach challenges, laser skirmish, sailing, go karting, art workshops, organising and running fundraising barbeques in the community and many other exciting experiences where students can develop life skills beyond the school fence. 

Students will have access to

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Kokoda Challenge team membership
  • Life Skills development initiatives
  • Enterprise projects
  • Fitness and health programs
  • Personalised pastoral care programs
  • Team sport opportunities

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

All students enrolled in the CAS program will complete the Bridge Level Award in Year 7 and Bronze Level Award in Year 8.

This internationally recognised award develops skills, potential and participation in the community. Students will be guided through the award section of service, skills and physical activity, and are encouraged to fulfil section requirements independently. Students will complete an 'Adventurous Journey' as part of the award requirements.

Application Process

Expression of Interest forms can be obtained here​ and returned via email. Applicants will need to attach copies of the two most recent report cards with their application. Student behaviour and effort reports will be taken into consideration when positions are offered. We encourage all interested students to apply for a position in this challenging and rewarding program.

Additional fees apply for the Community Action Service Program. These fees cover the cost of Duke of Edinburgh Award registration and end of term rewards excursions.

What do students have to say about the program?

“The CAS program has taught me to be kind, independent and skilful which can help me in the future. I've enjoyed trying new things on the challenge days which I wouldn't do otherwise.”

- Poppy S - CAS student

“The CAS program is a great way to work in a team when helping the community, participate in fun activities (The Kokoda Challenge) and achieve awards like the Duke Of Ed Bridge Award. CAS has taught me to thrive for progress in my schooling. I have always enjoyed getting the privilege to go on the rewards day excursions at the end of each term that our fantastic CAS teachers set up for the CAS students.”

- Kayla G - CAS student

“The CAS program has taught me that I can achieve things that I thought were hard to achieve. I have gained courage and strength from the program. I have enjoyed making friends and talking to the teachers about the community and the services that I can engage with outside of school.”

- Carmody VG - CAS student​​

"The CAS program has inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone. I've enjoyed all the excursions and meeting new people."

- Fynley P - CAS student

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