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The Japanese Immersion program is a highly regarded, long standing program of Academic Excellence. It offers a unique opportunity for students to challenge themselves academically, using Japanese language extension as the medium. The program is designed for students with little or no background in Japanese. Students develop a range of important skills and cognitions by learning a number of subjects in Japanese.

Academic research strongly validates the benefits of learning in an immersion environment. The program operates in a tight-knit, well supported, world class educational context which develops 21st century skills applicable to international and national employment and study. Learning a range of classes in another language sees students graduate with high academic results, advanced study skills, excellent communication, focus, memory skills, multitasking and resilience. Japanese immersion program graduates and alumni are successful global citizens.

Key Program Features and Opportunities

Robina High School's Japanese Immersion program is the only secondary Japanese Immersion program in the world. Our expert teachers are both curriculum and Japanese   language teaching pedagogy specialists. Students learn how to build their skills in Year 7 to navigate the rigor of up to 50% the curriculum by Year 8 and 9 of the program in Japanese. Students are able to use these skills across all subject areas to drive high academic results. Students are expected to maintain a high standard of effort, behaviour and results.

Japanese language studies and Robina High's connection to Japan is a perfect gateway to explore opportunity and engage in real world applications of their language and intercultural skills. The program has a long-standing sister school partnership with Okinawa Shogaku High School and Chichibu High School along with several other friendship schools in Japan. We also welcome numerous Japanese study tour groups to the school every year. These partnerships and programs provide Japanese Immersion students with a wealth of opportunities to support the program's intent.

This program strives to open up a whole new world of modern and traditional cultural and global experiences through curriculum and Japanese language studies. Opportunities offered to students include Japanese Language competitions, Japanese curriculum excursions, frequent interaction with Japanese communities, and Japan Trip.

Application Process

Entry into the Academic Excellence Japanese Immersion Program is a selective process and is competitive. Students applying for a position in the Academic Excellence Japanese Immersion Program will be measured against the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstration of high academic achievement in Japanese/Language, English, Maths, Science and History/ Geography (A and B results)
  • NAPLAN Results
  • Consistent high levels of school engagement reflected in effort and behaviour grades
  • Involvement and success in other co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities

Further information regarding the application process is detailed on the Expression of Interest application form.

Additional fees apply for the Academic Excellence Japanese Immersion Program. These fees cover some excursion costs and competition entry fees.​

Academic Scholarships

The school will grant some academic scholarships for entry into the Japanese Immersion Program. Scholarships are by written application and winners will be presented with their scholarship at their own school graduation. The scholarship is for the year of entry only and may be a part or full scholarship to contribute to the Student Resource Scheme.  To apply for a Kingfisher Scholarship please click here.

Parent Testimonials

Saraya's academic results speak for themselves. She has consistently achieved above average for almost two years. Saraya is very focused and sets the bar high. Another academic outcome is the strong time management skills she has developed. The Immersion students have been amazing for social bonding on a level I think would not occur in mainstream class situations. Saraya works hard in Immersion as she is with a group of students who like to achieve." 

– Mrs Sue McKenzie

Our family has been affiliated with the Japanese Immersion Program since it began in 2008. Our daughter, Alex, entered the program when she was in grade 9 and has now completed a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology at University. Our oldest son Matt balanced Futsal and Immersion when he started high school in 2009 and is now completing a dual degree in Engineering and in Mathematics. Our 15-year-old son Lachlan began in 2012 and has graduated from the program. We are delighted with the outcomes and opportunities the Immersion program has provided our children. I implore anyone whom would like to provide his or her child with a platform to success to consider the program."

– Mrs Paula Lye​

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For more information please follow the links below. Feel free to contact our Head of Department,​ Michelle Gray on​ for more information.

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