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​​​​Our vision

At Robina State High School we value the ideals of an international education. Our International Programs and Study Tours foster cultural understanding and personal development for our visitors and for our school community. Through our programs, we provide opportunities for students and staff to form life-long global networks. 

Our school

Robina State High School is widely identified as a public high school providing first-class education for each individual student. Robina State High School is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland and  opened in January 1996. Since then, it has developed into a learning hub for the local community, known for its family feel, international flavour and principled young people. Students are surrounded with opportunities to excel, not only academically, but also in sporting, creative and civic domains through flexible pathways which assist students to develop their skills and transition into further study, work, or training once they complete their schooling.

Robina State High School has established a reputation for Academic Excellence. Over 95 % of students who apply for tertiary entrance achieve the score they require and enter university successfully. Each year students also participate in National Mathematics, Science, English and Foreign Language tests, with some students achieving in the top 5% in the state in each area.
Robina State High School was also the recipient of two awards at the State Schools International Student Program Forum in 2015, the ‘Homestay Innovation’ award and the ‘Innovation in a Schools International Student Orientation Program’ award.

Our school

Our International Students have the opportunity to experience a large variety of lessons and activities to fully develop their cultural understanding of life in Australia. These include trips to local theme parks and wildlife sanctuaries, surfing and stand up paddle boarding lessons, Australian dancing and cooking, museums, and a variety of sporting activities.

Robina State High School is widely known for its quality educational delivery. We encourage excellence in all endeavours and have a proud record of academic, sporting and artistic achievements. Our Signature Programs play an integral role in this success.

Our Academic Excellence classes aim to support our students in reaching their fullest potential, stretch their academic abilities and explore new interests. 

  • The aim of this program is to support academi​cally gifted students in reaching their fullest potential and enrich their academic abilities, explore new interests, develop independent learning skills and connect with relevant universities and partners.​

  • Japanese Immersion Program
    Language Immersion Programs offer all the opportunities of an Academic Excellence Program, in addition to many other useful and exciting outcomes purposefully focussed on Japanese language skills, Asian Literacy and cultural awareness.  

  • Community Action Service
    The CAS Program is offered to students in years 7, 8 and 9 and aims to enhance outcomes in academics, leadership, character building, community mindedness, and lifestyle choices.​

Our Sports Academy programs​ have been developed specifically to support students to stretch their athletic abilities by being linked with peers who share the same goals and priorities. Each program also has close links to associations and Universities that ensure that the Academy experience at Robina goes beyond the boundaries of the school fence.

At Robina High we have a proud tradition of producing some outstanding baseball players that have gone on to play in major baseball leagues around the world.

Our Golf Academy provides wonderful opportunities for a wide range of students. There is a heavy focus on the application of a ‘holistic’ approach to golf.

The Futsal/Football Academy aims to provide students with the unparalleled opportunities to develop their football and futsal ability to an elite level.

Given its vast popularity, Robina State High School has recognised an opportunity to provide our students with a high-performance Netball Academy.

Under the guidance of Triathlon Australia Accredited coaches and former professional triathletes, Robina students will be able to advance their levels of conditioning to perform at the highest level both in their racing and academically.

General Sport 
​​Our General Sports Academy has been introduced to give all student-athletes the opportunity to achieve success and be supported in their chosen sport during their time at Robina State High School.​

Our lessons

International students studying at Robina State High School succeed due to the high standard of a proven and successfully delivered program. Specialised International classes are developed to include success academically and socially. Students are encouraged to actively participate at school and with their host families to allow for a balanced Aussie experience.  The International Staff have a holistic approach to ensure the wellbeing of every student is carefully monitored and supported dependent on their cultural background.

In addition to our mainstream curriculum, international students have daily access to an ESL tutor who supports classroom teachers and guides students in assessment preparation. International Staff support students in all areas of study, home stay and general student welfare.

Robina State High School was announced as the winner of the Education Queensland International Showcase Award for Excellence in Global Engagement at the Education Queensland Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools​

Last reviewed 05 October 2022
Last updated 05 October 2022