Study tours


​​​Study tour programs 

Robina State High School hosts the largest number of study tours on the Gold Coast. We have hosted over 100 study tours and our staff have extensive experience in tour organization. We have staff able to communicate in a variety of languages with specialists in Japanese communication.

EQI information

Study tours usually include:

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)

  • ESL Teachers are qualified teachers, lessons are fun and educational.

  • Special Activities like Australian Art, Dance, Music, Boomerang Painting, Australian Dance and Cooking are also available.

  • Sport Activities are always included in Study Tour Programs. Students may enjoy Australian Sports like Cricket, Rugby or Netball. Students may also opt to join our Futsal, Baseball, Golf or Volleyball classes.

  • Lessons with 'school buddies' are also part of our study tour programs.

  • Study Tour participants are invited to share their culture with Robina High Students.

  • Excursions to a variety of venues may be organised.


Homestay is usually organized by the school. Students are placed with a variety of families who are connected to our school community. They all enjoy hosting students from all cultures.

Day visits

We are able to host day visits of 250-350 people. Robina High hosts the largest study tours on the Gold Coast.

Study tour program (example)

​Day 1

​Morning ​Arrival at Brisbane International Airport. Meet Homestay Family. Welcome morning tea with buddy and school orientation.
​Afternoon ​Integration into the school program accompanied by buddy. Meet host families and travel home.

​Day 2

​Morning ​English test and lesson.
​Afternoon ​Australian Dancing Workshop at school.

​Day 3

​Morning ​English lesson
​Afternoon ​Half-day excursion on Aquabus (accompanied by English teacher)

​Day 4

​Morning ​English lesson
​Afternoon ​Integration into the school sports program accompanied by buddy

​Day 5

​Full-day excursion to MovieWorld (accompanied by English teacher)

​Day 6

​Leisure time with host family

​Day 7

​Morning ​English lesson
​Afternoon Half-day excursion to bowling (accompanied by English teacher)

​Day 8

​Morning ​English lesson
​Afternoon ​Aboriginal art and craft workshop at school

​Day 9

​Full day excursion to Paradise Country farm experience (accompanied by English teacher)

​Day 10

​Integration into the school with buddy
Day 11
Integration into the school with buddy

​Day 12

Full day excursion to University of Queensland, including CityCat to City, visit to Museum and Art Gallery (accompanied by English teacher)

​Day 13

​Leisure time with host family

​Day 14

​Morning ​Integration into the school program with buddy
​Afternoon ​Biotechnology workshop at the school

​Day 15

​Morning ​Integration into the school program with buddy
​Afternoon ​Farewell lunch party with buddies. Presentation of participation certificates

What Study Tour students say about Robina High

“I liked studying new subjects that are not available to me in my home country. Biotechnology was really interesting and I loved Australian Dancing. ESL Classes were great fun. I also enjoyed going to Dreamworld and seeing Australian Animals!”

Adaline from Hong Kong

“Teachers are very friendly- they ask me about my home. In class they try to help me.”

Kelvin from Taiwan

‘What I liked most about the program is that I improved my English by living with an Australian family and making friends!”

Ayako from Japan

We invite you to visit Robina State High School on a Study Tour soon. 

Last reviewed 05 October 2022
Last updated 05 October 2022