The arts


Year 7

Currently Year 7 Students must do an Arts subject for one semester. Selections include a general arts course (performing arts or visual arts units) or a specialist course (a choice of either music, dance or the Dram​a Excellence Program). Students can also be a part of our Instrumental Music Program and learn an instrument or be part of our Dance Troupe. 

General arts

This course is comprised of a term of Performing Arts (drama/dance) or a term of Visual Arts (drawing, painting and printmaking). This course is for students who don’t know what they want to specialise in and want to try out a few art strands.  


Dance students study and perform dance genres including Contemporary, Modern, Jazz and Tap. Our dancers work with others in the class to create, perform and learn to appreciate different styles of dance. It is recommended (but not essential) that students who choose this class have some dance experience or a passion for dance.  Many students in this class perform at our annual Dance Night and at various competitions as part of our successful Dance Troupe.  


In Year 7 Music, students are taught basic skills on guitar, piano and drum kit. They then use these skills to form rock bands and perform in their own Battle of the Bands showdown. Students do not need to have played an instrument or know how to read music before choosing this subject.   

Drama Excellence Program (DEP)

The Drama Excellence Program is for Year 7 students who are passionate about drama. Students study classroom drama and participate in extension and extra-curricular program such as theatre sports, drama festival and drama night. Students of the DEP need to be committed, passionate and willing to perform in public. Students will continue this course into Year 8.

Beyond Year 7

A range of elective subjects are available in Years 8-12, where students have the opportunity to study the following subjects: Art, Dance, Drama Excellence (Year 7 & 8), Drama (Year 8-12), Media (Year 9-10), Music (Year 8-12), Film, Television and New Media (Year 10-12), Media Arts in Practice (Year 11-12), Drama in Practice, Art in Practice, Certificate II in Creative Industries (Photography Year 10), Certificate IV in Dance (Year 11 only), Certificate IV in Music Industry (Year 11-12), Certificate III in Media (Year 11 and 12). 

*Additional fees apply to all Senior Certificate Courses

Instrumental music 

Instrumental Music is a co-curricular program where individual and small group lessons work in conjunction with the regular school timetable. Our program includes: 2 Concert Bands, 2 Stage Bands, a String Ensemble and a Percussion Ensemble. These ensembles rehearse once a week, either before or after school. Students seeking opportunities outside of the classroom to enrich their musical experience are encouraged to join. This program teaches persistence, commitment and team work skills and fosters the ability to work towards a long-term goal which is beneficial in all aspects of life. Many students successfully manage to fulfil their Instrumental Music commitments and pursue their sporting interests and are amongst our top achievers academically.  *Additional fees apply to Instrumental Music

Dance Troupe

Dance Troupe is a co-curricular program offered before school or as part of Dance in Practice.  Program entry requires an audition during the first two weeks of the school year. Dance Troupe students represent the school in major events including both the Brisbane and Gold Coast Dance Eisteddfods and "Danc'Ed in the Spotlight" showcasing all schools with Dance as curriculum. The Troupe also performs at various Arts events every year. The Dance Troupe program teaches essential life skills such as commitment, dedication and team work, while encouraging students to persistently work toward both personal and shared goals. 
*Additional fees apply to cover for competition and costume costs

Robina SHS will be offering a CERTIFICATE IV IN DANCE in 2019 as an optional part of the new senior APPLIED DANCE course. Students interested in gaining this qualification can apply for the course directly with the school. All course delivery and assessment will be facilitated by IKIN DANCE. For further information about the CERTIFICATE 4 IN DANCE and costs click on this link.

Certificate IV in Dance Information Pack (PDF, 1.9MB)

image of drama play

Robina SHS will be starting a Junior School Drama Excellence Program in 2019. Students interested in being part of this new program should mention it at their enrolment interview to recieve further information. 

Read more about the Drama Excellence Program (PDF, 4MB) 

Instrumental Music is not a Signature Program, but instead a co-curricular program where the lessons work in conjuntion with the regular school timetable.​

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Last updated 12 April 2019